Olympikus and Flamengo – Arriving in Style

Nike is really a lot more present and exploring better its properties in Brazil. One of the reasons for that is probably the lost of one of the biggest sports properties in Brazil, Flamengo, the Brazilian soccer team with the biggest amount of fans.

Olimpikus, the new club partner, did not take long to start promoting its relationship, what was more than necessary, since the brand is out of soccer for over 20 years and needed to start marking its (new) territory.

Apart from the new uniform launching party (picture above), the company released a new ad promoting the relationship (below). However, in my opinion, the highlight of the campaign is the company’s website (http://www.olympikus.com.br/), in which there are videos with fans, generating an almost instant relationship with the brand, since it makes that particular fan a brand ambassador because it “perpetuates” his passion for the club to the others (not mentioning the very low cost, since, if there was a payment, it was certainly irrelevant) – I´m sorry these videos are not in English.