Nike Federer and Bryant – Taking Advantage of the Opportunity

A few posts earlier, I talked about Nike being more active in Brazil and how positive it is to the Brazilian sports market.

Today I will talk about two examples of how the company works so well around the world, taking advantage of the various opportunities its many sponsorship deals provide.

The first is the excelent, fun Kobe Bryant and Lebron James Most Valuable Puppets campaign (above the last video, right after the Lakers title) and that led to its own line of products (below). Again showing how sponsorship can (and should) be used to increase revenue.

The other is the tribute to Roger Federer, after the tennis player won his 15th Grand Slam title, becoming the biggest Grand Slam winner. With this quick video, Nike stated that it is not only Federer’s biggest partner, but also of many other top sporting stars (from the past and the present).