Vancouver Whitecaps presents its new uniform…on FIFA Soccer!

Vancouver Whitecaps is a MLS canadian team. As any major football team nowadays they took advantage of the new uniform (3rd kit) launch to engage with fans. But, instead of a common campaign, usually involving press conferences and contests between fans, the Whitecaps created a FIFA Soccer (EA game) video to do it.

A very innovative release and we would like to discuss two points:

- More and more FIFA Soccer becomes not only a good football simulator, but a sports culture phenom (this video is just another proof of that). If the game was still restricted to nerds and geeks incapable of playing real football, the Whitecaps would not use it to launch their new uniform.

- In the end of the video, the Whitecaps sponsor’s logo, displayed in the virtual jersey, is highlighted in the screen. A smalldetail that shows a lot of respect from the team to the sponsor.

via Mkt Esportivo