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  • Subway Baseball – The Strange History of the Prizewinning Homer

    I know that the purpose of this blog, as explained earlier and followed since, is to disseminate the best practices in sports activation. However, this time, I’m going to talk about one that had the potential of being great, generating free media and positive visibility and stimulating other actions, but ended up doing the opposite.

    Subway, the American fast-food chain, has got, on the Minnesota Twins stadium, a target that awards a fan with 25 thousand dollars when hit by a ball in home-run hits.

    During the game between the Seattle Mariners and the Twins, Ken Griffey Jr., one of the greatest baseball players in history, a Mariners’ athlete, hit a home-run in the Subway target. However, Subway informed that the promotion is only valid for home team players and, therefore, was not going to pay the money.

    I don’t know (and I’ve searched for information about it) how, where, etc. the rules of the promotion were disclosed, but regardless, the role thing was not well handled. What was supposed to have great impact ended up generating an awful return.

    Please, if any of you has more information about how this history ended, share with us. The blog is opened, of course, for members of the company to clarify the facts, in case they do not reflect the truth.

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  • Guinness Rugby – Taking up a Sport

    Some posts ago I spoke of what Heineken did with UEFA Champions League, using icons of the competition (especially the theme song) to take up the event.

    Guinness with Rugby, however, went even further. Through a long partnership with the sport, the brand consolidated deeply in the rugby universe and its fans minds (the video below is part of the 2007 Rugby World Cup activation).

    Guinness was able to be so inside rugby that today it’s got a full range of rugby like clothing with its brand for fans (pictures below). Demonstrating, once again, that investment in sport serves as a tool for leveraging revenue, this time through the extension of the brand to new markets.

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  • Ale Rally dos Sertões – Modernizing the Cliché

    Ale, a Brazilian fuel distributor, found a way to renew a cliché activation, but which is still effective.

    The company owns the Ale Rally Team and, to promote its participation on the Rally dos Sertões (the biggest rally competition in Brazil), is using the famous strategy of encouraging people to send motivational messages to its athletes. The difference and, why not, the innovation is the use of Twitter.

    A simple, cliché, but effective way to leverage engagement and amplify the sponsorship. To access the Ale Team page, click here (unfortunately, it is in Portuguese only).

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  • Nike Brazilian National Team/Ronaldinho – Recalling Great Moments

    Since I’ve talked about Nike in my last post, I’m now going to remember two brilliant activations the brand has done.

    The first one is from a series of very fun videos made with the Brazilian national team, in which it shares a bit of the behind the scenes with the general public. The brand used the team very well and made clear its relationship with it, further strengthening the relationship between the team, and therefore the brand, with the Brazilian people. Watch it below.

    The second was a spectacular viral that the company created (more than 29 million views) taking advantage of a moment of brilliance from Ronaldinho. The video in which Ronaldinho kicks the ball several times in a row on the post spread through the web in an unbelievable way, generating spontaneous media, an intense discussion about its veracity and content to competitions created by various players. Watch it below.

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  • Nike Canarinho – Branched Sponsorship

    Nike was able, sort of indirectly (maybe not so), to add even more value to its Brazilian National team sponsorship, generating greater involvement with the brand target and increasing revenue.

    The company launched the Canarinho Movement (, which praises the Brazilian way of being, highlighting some of our people main characteristics, like the swing and irreverence, always referring to football.

    Within this movement there are several nuclei ranging from radio stations to art exhibitions. Of course, there is also a whole range of products with the theme, with fun and playful designs (pictures below).

    P.S.: Canarinho is a small yellow bird very common in Brazil which happens to be the Brazilian national team nickname.

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  • Jet Blue and the Dodgers – Clever

    On the opening day of the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the most traditional baseball franchises in the United States, current season, the team and its sponsor Jet Blue had a very clever idea.

    In the traditional line-up announcement, instead of the players coming out of the dugout, they came out of the stands. And, for them to descend from there, a ladder just like the ones used by the airline in its aircrafts was placed (picture besides, from

    A very creative, simple way to leverage visibility for the partner, while bringing fans closer to their idols.

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  • Timex and Avon Ironman – Turning Sponsorship into Revenue

    Several times, in sponsorship agreements, companies overlook important rights such as brand usage and licensing, which could transform the deals into revenue generators.

    This, however, didn’t happen to Timex, that, a long time ago, launched a watch that became an icon in the running and fitness universe, the Timex Ironman (at least in Brazil it went this way). I myself had one, the first model (I unfortunately couldn’t find its pic).

    Avon is now following the same path with its Ironman perfume, which, I’m pretty sure, if well advertised to the right public, will achieve great results (the sweat/good smell relationship can be very creatively explored).

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any company numbers about these products. If one of you does, please, share with us.

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  • TAM Brazilian Soccer National Team – Reinforcing the Relationship

    TAM, a Brazilian airline company which sponsors the Brazilian soccer national team, in June, took advantage of some of the communication channels it already has with its consumers (its on board TV and magazine “TAM on the clouds”) to reinforce its close relationship with the national team.

    In this issue of the magazine, the cover (image below) displays Robinho, his partner Elano and leads to more than 20 pages of content about the team, its players and inside information

    The on board TV showcases some of the players talking about soccer, the national team and trip tips in the countries where they live (in my case, I watched Julio Cesar, Inter Milan’s goalkeeper), a simple and playful way to link with the company’s business.

    Considering that Brazil will play two World Cup qualifiers games and the Confederations Cup in June, the date couldn’t fit better. With relevant content and entertainment, the company was able to reinforce its position and relationship with one of the biggest Brazilians passions.

    Click on the cover below to access the magazine webpage and its content (also available in English).

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  • UEFA Champions League – Making the most of the Opportunity

    Unfortunately, I could not watch the UEFA Champions League final due to professional issues, as should have happened to many others, mainly in Brazil. However, I am sure that few failed to notice the various brands involved in the event.

    Reebok, for example, released an opportunity add using two of its players (Henry and Giggs).

    Nike made a promotional campaign with Barcelona in which fans could personalize their team kit and, following a promotional mechanic, exchange them with the team’s players, the famous priceless prize. The website has more information about it.

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  • Adidas All Blacks – Excellence in series

    The relationship between Adidas and the All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team, is perhaps the best explored by a sponsor. The sports brand has already held numerous activities powering this partnership.

    One of the most striking was “Bonded by Blood”, in 2006, in the launch of the annual team poster. Adidas, literally, took the athletes’ blood and, of course, after some treatment, used it in the printing of a number of posters that were presented to consumers who purchased a team jersey, leveraging sales, generating buzz and spontaneous media all over the world. It also helped enhance the involvement with the New Zealand people.

    More details of this activation, which won several awards at the time, can be seen in the video below.

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