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  • Brooklyn Nets created a new mascot together with Marvel Comics

    Some time ago wrote a post about mascots, an interesting property that clubs and sponsors often overlook. and we think this is wasted potential.

    Recently we found out a very interesting piece of news from the Brooklyn Nets (the NBA team) who invited Marvel Comics to develop its new mascot.

    The result is Brooklyn Knight, the first super hero NBA mascot. You can see him in the arena…

    …and also as a 32 page comic book distributed to fans.

    The opportunities around this are huge:

    - Marvel Comics could create a new business in the future: mascots design.

    - Mascots usually come from traditions. Brooklyn Nets is a new club, therefore, without much tradition. Professional help is interesting in these cases.

    - Mascots usually are static icons. Brooklyn Knight is the opposite, as we can consider him a moving character. It´s the difference between a picture and a movie.

    - Brooklyn Knight can became a new Marvel Comics regular title, sold at comic shops.

    - What if Spiderman or the Avengers meets with Brooklyn Knight?

    - What if Brooklyn Knight get a sponsor inside the story? It could be the company that offer him technology, helping crime combat.

    via Mkt Esportivo

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  • Simon Chadwick talks about London 2012 learnings and much more

    A couple of months ago Simon Chadwick, one of the main european sports marketing academics, presented a lecture about the London 2012 learnings, Rio 2016 challenges and also a little bit of ambush marketing. The event was organized by the British Council and Coppead (Rio de Janeiro Federal University). Simon Chadwick is a professor at the Convetry University, the Centre for the International Business of Sport director and consultant for brands around the world.

    He opened his lecture talking about Olympic Games in a broader context. London 2012 was attached to a plan to revitalize the west side of the city, incentivate sports practice amongst britains and show the world the most creative side of the UK economy and culture.


    Talking about numbers, sometimes the olympic experience can be traumatic. Montreal 1976 was paid by local taxpayers until a few years ago. London 2012, on the other hand, will probably break even, although the real gains are more in image than financial. In that matter Brazil, should have clear goals of what to expect with the events in 2014 and 2016.


    Another subject was the necessity of a plan B. Chadwick said that London 2012 had alternative places to all arenas and stadiums, in the case one of them wasn´t ready. In the end everything was alright and London 2012 was considered one of the most organized games in history.


    In the second session, about ambush marketing, Chadwick presented several recent cases, such as the Dutch brewer Bavaria, which seems to be specialized in this type of campaign. At South Africa 2010, they were caught by FIFA and had to sign an agreement promising not to ambush the next five editions of the event. Why five? It´s a mistery.

    According to Chadwick, ambush marketing increasingly goes beyond opportunism, becoming a platform for brands with attitude. In many cases, the increasing regulation of sponsorship contracts turns the public opinion against the events organizers and in favor of brands that break the rules. Moreover, these contracts end up restricting the sponsoring brands.


    In short, the professor made it clear that Brazil will have a unique opportunity in history, but we must be prepared for it. The key is clear goals and a good plan.

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  • Sports marketing is in the details

    The NBA and Dream Team star Lebron James recently bought shares of the group which controls Liverpool, the English football team.

    Lebron has a contract with Nike, including a sneakers collection endorsed by him. A new model based on the team, with the same colours and a dragon (very close to the one in the team badge), has just been released. Check it out:

    The link between the shoe and the club is very clear, but Nike does not confirm it. Actually, Nike can´t do it, and the main reason is that Liverpool is sponsored by Warrior, and until recently was sponsored by adidas. And there it goes the first question: why would a brand like Nike bring something that is owned by a competitor?

    The answer is simple, and this post is obviously not about a new sneaker model, but about a sophisticated logic that is being adopted by sports companies.

    Nike and adidas are both trying to explore its sponsored stars´ stories. A more organic monitoring of their lives take place of old standard advertising process. Brands which support athletes should celebrate their victories, overcoming episodes and personal interests, like Lebron and Liverpool.

    Another good example is the adidas´ mini-documentary made to celebrate Derick Rose´s return to the courts, after a long lasting injury. Sadly, after the documentary launch, the Chicago Bulls player got injured again, but, anyway, adidas showed how to support its stars:

    Doing this kind of thing demands attention to the athletes´ career steps. Thinking about Nike and adidas, we have to consider hundreds of them.

    On the other side we will find brands that sponsor few athletes, sometimes one or two, and most of the time don´t know how to activate them to amplify their campaigns.

    Sports brands are usually vanguard in using sports and athletes in advertising and marketing strategy, but the truth is that these examples open a clear path to any kind of company. In times of a more humanized advertising, an athletes´ journey can be a good call!

    picture via UGSoles

    news via Máquina do Esporte

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  • #Socialympics 2

    Many specialists do consider London 2012 as the first games from the “social era”. In other words, London 2012 were the first games with a major influence from social media. If we think about Beijing 2008 the main social media platforms that we know today were not there, or were in the very beginning.

    So, which was the real social media impact in London 2012? How did the committee and athletes benefit from it? How did traditional media (TV, radio etc.) react? Which were the learnings to Rio 2016? And how brands can benefit from this scenario?

    Our British partnersSynergy Sponsorship, together with Jam, a social media agency from the same group, organized #Socialympics 2, a debate inside London´s Social Media Week, to discuss these issues. #Socialympics 1 took place during the games.

    In the video below you can watch the debate highlights, which had executives from both agencies, Twitter, British press and British Olympic Association.

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  • Olympics and media evolution

    The infographic below shows how Olympics and media evolves, and keep evolving, through time.

    Olympics are a great platform of human overcoming stories, not only from a physical and mental perspective, but also from the perspective of our desire to communicate.

    2012 is already the social media Olympics. The question is, which will be the next communication milestone?

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  • What does new Nike´s campaign and The Avengers have in common?

    We know this might just look like another opportunistic post about two of the most commented marketing phenomena these days: the new Nike campaign and The Avengers movie. But, we promise, in the end of the text you will notice that both have a lot in common in their strategies. But, if you haven´t seen this Nike campaign yet, stop everything in and click here.

    Back to our thoughts… The Avengers is guided by an innovative logic in the movie industry as this franchise is composed by four characters (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America), with their own stories that can be consumed in any quantity, combination and order. All these stories serve as fuel to fans, raising the expectations to The Avengers movie, a fifth story that can be consumed together or separated from the others.  The bigger the combination between Marvel´s movies, the better the experience.

    Now, let´s talk about Nike, which has a lot of athletes in their sponsorship portfolio. Star players in the most respected football clubs in the world. During the year Nike activates its sponsored players in many ways, each one as an individual story, or, each player as an “avenger”.

    From time to time Nike launches a major campaign with a strong message and full of technology tricks, as we have seen in the “My Time is Now”interactive video. These campaigns feature a lot of athletes, showing the power of the brand. Metaphorically all these heroes getting together are the Nike´s Avengers. See our point?

    This logic is specially interesting to brands that work with lots of sports properties at the same time because it enables each one´s development and also an umbrella concept with all of them.

    Just like The Avengers, the success key is to build these minor stories with a clear and long term vision. Last Nike´s campaign, for example, had yourh stars that will gonna make history soon as a theme. It´s hard to believe that all these sponsorships happened by chance, without a long term strategy, before the first contracted was signed.

    Concluding, companies which sponsor sports properties without asking themselves why and for what cannot build meaningful campaigns, as Nike did with My Time is Now.

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  • Hershey and the NHL – Celebrating the moment

    Hershey, the chocolate brand, has agreed a sponsorship deal with NHL and found an unique to celebrate the agreement.

    The company ordered a real size chocolate replica of the Stanley Cup, the trophy awarded to the season champions (above). Watch below the making of the piece, which took 12 hours and more than 150 pounds of chocolate.

    Following the agreement, the company will launch a campaign to take consumers to the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, which takes place on a baseball stadium. However, I’d really like to see the brand launch products related to the partnership (anyone sad a chocolate puck?). What about you, what would you suggest as activation for the company?

    Sports marketing, activation, sponsorship, Hershey, NHL, Stanley Cup, Chocolate

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  • McDonalds and the FIFA World Cup – That’s really priceless

    McDonald’s sponsors the FIFA World Cup for quite a long time and always use one of my favourite activations, since it is a brilliant tool to boost Sales: the Flavour World Cup, with thematic sandwiches of each of the countries taking part on the tournament (watch, below, the 2006 video).

    In this year’s World Cup, the company has added one more promotion to its activation of the biggest sport event in the world. McDonald’s will take five children to South Africa with the Brazilian national team, an indescribable experience! The TV ad is very cool, with the idea oof entering a shop X entering the pitch (below).

    To take part, you have to send a video, photo, drawing, etc., to the website about the theme “I’m going to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa with Brazil” e hope to be the most voted. What about the other participating countries, have they done the same? Anyone can post here other examples?

    Sports marketing, activation, McDonald’s, World Cup, FIFA, sponsorship

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  • Coke and The FIFA World Cup Tour – And that’s real brand experience

    After posting about Coke brilliant use of its FIFA World Cup Tour sponsorship, I had to go to the event. Some of the readers of the blog had already told me, and believe me, it is worth it, indeed worth it.

    The brand is present throughout the experience, from the walls to the furniture, which uses disposable plastic bottles (above). The best contact point with Coke, surely, is the history of the World Cup room. Apart from the balls, newspapers’ front pages, and Pelé images, it is decorated with wallpapers and has its temperature controlled and smells like the soft drink, giving the feeling of being inside a bottle of the product (below). That is, the product is present without disturbing the public. Genius!

    People have the chance to play, watch a 3D video, learn about South Africa and the World Cup, drink Coke and, finally, they are next to the host, taking home a picture as a final gift from the brand. The brand, of course, is there.

    For Brazilians, the downside is the absence of the uniform of the national team, sponsored by Nike, a fierce competitor of adidas, FIFA partner.

    Sports marketing, activation, Coca-Cola, World Cup, FIFA, sponsorship

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  • Stadium Associates and NFL/SuperBowl and Scotts and MLB – Nice suggestion

    Sorry for going back for the Sunday postagain, but things keep on coming. Stadium Associates has signed a licensing agreement with the NFL and will sell pieces of the field used in the great game that will take place on 7th february, in Miami (right).

    For Scotts, to do the same with its MLB deal, is simples. A little doubt, however, hangs in the air, since Sports Business Daily claims Stadium Associates has a similar deal with the baseball league, which would be a bit confusing…

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