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  • Mascots, wasted potential

    This picture was taken earlier this year, at the Mascots Race, an event organized by the English Championship, Division 1 and Division 2.

    This event takes place annually and is part of a calendar to promote their social cause, which this year is prostate cancer. The 2012 winner, by the way, was Yorkie Lion, from York City.

    More than a nice promotion (it´s impossible to disagree that the mascots in the picture are really cute), it shows how lower tier clubs can articulate around their properties. Together, their appeal increases quite a lot.

    In Brazil, Esporte Espetacular, Globo´s main sports show, aired a “Mascots´ Olympics”, with the main Brazilian clubs, in 2010.

    There is also the mascots race in Olinda´s carnival, with the clubs from Pernambuco.

    Mascots have a great potential if embraced by clubs and/or sponsors. In Brazil, unfortunately, there aren´t as many good examples…

    Mascots Race via Futebol Marketing

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  • Olympic geography

    This infographic isn´t directly related to sports marketing, but it´s pure design and justifies the post by its originality. How didn’t anyone think about that before?

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