What you need to know about Brazil

Last week Ativa Esporte launched its new blog about sports marketing in Brazil and the way brazilians think sports marketing.

But you can´t truly understand anything about the brazilian context without figuring Brazil out: the country, the history and our unique culture.

You are probably expecting a bunch of sports marketing posts here, and they will come, but now we will make a recommendation for those of you whom want to understand the country deeper.

Brazil for Beginners is an Udemy.com´s online course provided by Marshall Eakin, an american teacher and researcher whom dedicated his life to study the country. Now he uploaded his course for free on the internet and, as a brazilian, I can say it´s really good. Marshall really knows what he is talking about since he visited the country several times.

So, if you want to understand sports marketing in Brazil, or anything else around here, just apply for this course and listen carefully.