• London 2012 – The View From Brazil

    Ativa Esporte has recently made a partnership with Synergy, one of the most relevant sports marketing agencies in the United Kingdom and the world.

    During London 2012 we contributed to Synergy´s blog posting some thoughts about brazilian point of view.

    This is the first post, originally published on August 2nd 2012.

     Brazilians on Copacabana beach celebrate Rio winning the 2016 Games (AP/Silvia Izquierdo)


    As well as the medals Brazil wins, we are naturally taking a big interest in London 2012 to see what we have to follow. We can’t deny, our heads are already in 2014 and 2016!

    Brazilians are following London 2012 in a very new way. For the first time in recent history, the Olympics is not being broadcast by Rede Globo over free-to-air TV. For those not familiar with the Brazilian media landscape, Globo is one of the top 4 media conglomerates on the planet, known worldwide for the quality of its delivery. It has also been the dominant media channel in Brazil for decades, regularly attracting huge nightly audiences. Brazilians joke that if something isn’t news on Globo, then it isn’t news at all.

    When the London 2012 broadcast rights in Brazil bid were tendered years ago, Rede Record made a daring move, outbidding Globo for the free-to-air TV exclusive rights. This was a huge development in media competition in Brazil, but it came with implications.

    Some athletes and sports governing bodies have complained (some more, some less vocally) that, despite alternating in the audience rankings between 2nd and 3rd places, Record’s reach is far smaller than Globo’s. So, in practical terms, London 2012 became less valuable as a marketing platform, so it can be said there is actually less engagement (natural or forced) from the media, and the public, than is normally the case with the Olympics.

    Before the Games, Rede Record tried to pacify stakeholders, promising a great broadcast. One week later Brazilians are engaging with the games, but not primarily via Record. On the first Sunday of London 2012, Record ranked only third among free-to-air channels in Sao Paulo with 1.1 million viewers, losing out to Globo, with 2 million, and also SBT, a more popular channel which is famous for importing Mexican soap operas, with 1.3 million. Terra’s free HD broadcast over the web is also helping Brazilians engage with the Games, especially during business hours.

    In this scenario, brands are being challenged to create alternatives to enable consumers to engage with the Games. Step forward – social media!


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  • Olympic geography

    This infographic isn´t directly related to sports marketing, but it´s pure design and justifies the post by its originality. How didn’t anyone think about that before?


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  • The future race car – high speed without a pilot

    In this TEDTalk, Chris Gerdes, Stanford Automotive Research Center director, talks about the cars of the future, which will run without drivers. Eventually, along the researches, they discovered that humans drive as well as the computer, so they investigated the reasons for that.

    This video is very interesting for those who like car races and futurology. We could forecast a world where day by day transport by car will be totally automated. This could diminish accidentes, stress etc.. On the other hand, racing as a sport would be one of the last opportunities to drive, or see someone driving, a car. In other words, it could leverage racing status as a sport. Or not…

    And you? What do you think about that?


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  • Tooned, the animated series from McLaren

    McLaren, the world renown Formula 1 team, has just released a new animated series with 13 episodes. The series bring Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button as characters. The episodes will be released at the end of each Grand Prix, following the races calendar.

    The first one you can watch below…

    Branded content formatted is increasingly common, but it´s rare to see it applied to sport brands such as racing teams, football clubs etc.. But why? The Tooned series proves that it is possible to create something fun and relevant to fans, and that these team´s universe can be a great material to tell stories.

    For example, we can imagine football clubs releasing similar initiatives showing the athletes and coaches’ daily routine, in ananimated format or not. Fans should be delighted with something like that.

    via Mkt Esportivo

    UPDATE: Our reader Augusto Velazquez de Brito shared with us the news that McLaren is also building an animation studio. More details here.


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  • Corinthians wins Libertadores; sponsors profit!

    For those who do not know brazilian football well, this post needs a little contextualization.

    Corinthians is the second biggest brazilian football club in number of supporters. They have lots of national titles, but lack international tradition. Well, it´s more accurate to say that Corinthians is building an international tradition.

    Copa Libertadores is the South American version of Uefa Champions League. It´s the most important continental title a brazilian football club can win, and until recently, Corinthians had none. All the rivals made a lot of jokes about that, and every year Corinthians qualified to Libertadores, there was a huge pressure to win it. Something like the famous Boston Red Sox´s curse.

    But all curses are meant to be broken, and so was Corinthians´. The club finally won Libertadores this year, unbeaten and facing Boca Juniors, the biggest Argentinian club which won several titles in the last decade, specially against Brazilian clubs, in the final.

    Can you imagine the tension in the air? For 2 weeks it was the only subject in the country. Even for those who hate footbal (believe us, there are a few in Brazil). In the final game, 3 in 4 TVs were tunned on the game.

    In recent history, there wasn’t a match with a bigger sponsors’ participation. Below, there is a compilation of what they did to help support Corinthians in this important moment. All videos are in portuguese, but you can sense what each one is about.

    Well, we don´t support Corinthians here, but it was a big sports marketing lesson to all clubs and sponsros.



    Right after the finals they launched this timeline with the team’s journey. The user must side scroll it to pass trhough the main facts of each match until the final. The brand only appears in the end.



    The leading steel wool brand in Brazil released a humourous video with Carlos Moreno, an actor that have been appearing in Bombril ads for decades. Now he is here to joke with Boca Juniors.



    Brahma is the second beer brand in Brazil and it has a close link to football. To promote this match they released a video with the club’s anthem played tango style, the traditional Argentinean rhythm.


    Rádio Globo

    This radio station is not exactly a sponsor, but they payed a great tribute as well, using São Jorge mythology. São Jorge is a catholic saint, and one of Corinthians’ symbols.



    And, finally, Nike released a very polemic letter, just before the final, mocking those brazilians who were supporting Boca Juniors, which they called “the anti-Corinthians”. And they were a lot.

    It was a bold move from Nike, and many of the targeted “anti-Corinthians” tried to organize a boycott.


    After the final Nike also released this emotional video.


    In the end we were more jealous about Corinthians’ sponsors than the title itself. We would love to see our teams´ sponsors doing the same.



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