Vivo Franca – Simple and effective

For several times complaints have been heard that Globo and its channels (the biggest Brazilian media group) jeopardizes sports for not saying or showing sponsor companies names and logos in their spots broadcasts. This is almost common place in any discussion involving sports professionals.

However, as said in the opening post, the objective here is not to discuss this scenario, but to promote the activation best practices that leverage the results of all involved with sport. In this sense, Vivo (a Brazilian Telecom Company) Franca Basketball team, with a way too simple action, increased its brand and its main sponsor exposure.

When the athletes are interviewed by TV reporters in the court, a person positions himself behind him with a portable backdrop, making the brands exposure inevitable. If the idea came from Vivo, congrats. If it came from Franca, congrats as well, once it demonstrates the worries in guaranteeing the return on its partner investment.

Unfortunately, I could not find a video or image showing it. If you have it, please send me. If not, try to take a look at it next time they’re on TV (if you’re away from Brazil, sorry…).

What about you? Have you seen anything like that? What do you think of it?