Nescau Xpression Session – Generating Excitement

Radical sports are extremely rich in amazing images and moves. Surf, for its scenario, is almost perfect. Nescau, the Brazilian market leader in powdered chocolate, shines in its Super Surf, the Brazilian surf championship, sponsorship.

The brand not only sponsors the event, but “owns” one of the most exciting moments: the Expression Session, a moment in which all the athletes go into the water together and the one who makes the best trick is the winner. The brand dresses the athletes up with its colours (red and yellow) and the excitement takes the public on the beach, who can’t take their eyes off of the sea.

This action generates more exposure for the brand in the event and in the media coverage and provides several extras, like content to the brand website, promotional opportunities, relationship with the spectators on the beach and at home, images for packaging and several others. Of course, the concept of the action aligned with the brand’s concept is essential.

This action was piloted by the brand’s agency (JWT), together with the event promoter (Abril) and, of course, Nestlé marketing and communications teams. I had the pleasure of taking part in the sponsorship activation for the public on the sand (with Aktuell), a case I’ll share with you in a later post.

Take a look at the Nescau Xpression Session in Porto de Galinhas 2008 in the video below. It’s really exciting!