McDonalds and the FIFA World Cup – That’s really priceless

McDonald’s sponsors the FIFA World Cup for quite a long time and always use one of my favourite activations, since it is a brilliant tool to boost Sales: the Flavour World Cup, with thematic sandwiches of each of the countries taking part on the tournament (watch, below, the 2006 video).

In this year’s World Cup, the company has added one more promotion to its activation of the biggest sport event in the world. McDonald’s will take five children to South Africa with the Brazilian national team, an indescribable experience! The TV ad is very cool, with the idea oof entering a shop X entering the pitch (below).

To take part, you have to send a video, photo, drawing, etc., to the website about the theme “I’m going to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa with Brazil” e hope to be the most voted. What about the other participating countries, have they done the same? Anyone can post here other examples?

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