Gatorade and Michael Jordan – Fair and Beautiful Tribute

Celebrating Michael Jordan’s induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame, Gatorade, one of his partners, has launched a celebratory range of products with pictures of him on the labels.

Moreover, to promote this limited edition, a scene of Jordan playing was reproduced using around 19,000 bottles of the drink (picture below, illuminated during the night).

Gatorade, intelligently, is still taking advantage of its relationship with of one of the biggest sports and sports marketing icons in the world, using another chance to promote its relationship with Jordan, generate spontaneous media and boost sales.
Note: I would like to quote one of MCE Insurance’s executives talking about the company’s British Superbike Championship sponsorship, since it is spot on with my beliefs about sports activation and fits with what I said in the Bridgestone and Formula 1 post: “… we have also launched Club MCE, giving existing and new customers money can’t buy BSB opportunities, such as grid walks, pillion laps and walk the track tutorials with leading riders”.