Coke and The FIFA World Cup Tour – And that’s real brand experience

After posting about Coke brilliant use of its FIFA World Cup Tour sponsorship, I had to go to the event. Some of the readers of the blog had already told me, and believe me, it is worth it, indeed worth it.

The brand is present throughout the experience, from the walls to the furniture, which uses disposable plastic bottles (above). The best contact point with Coke, surely, is the history of the World Cup room. Apart from the balls, newspapers’ front pages, and Pelé images, it is decorated with wallpapers and has its temperature controlled and smells like the soft drink, giving the feeling of being inside a bottle of the product (below). That is, the product is present without disturbing the public. Genius!

People have the chance to play, watch a 3D video, learn about South Africa and the World Cup, drink Coke and, finally, they are next to the host, taking home a picture as a final gift from the brand. The brand, of course, is there.

For Brazilians, the downside is the absence of the uniform of the national team, sponsored by Nike, a fierce competitor of adidas, FIFA partner.

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